How to use a rowing machine for abs

How to use a rowing machine for abs

rowing machine for abs

In our previous impression, ab roller training or sit-ups are the most popular abs exercises. But this time we talked about the rowing machine. We must make sure about that, can rowing machine really exercise abdominal muscles?

1. What is a rowing machine

Rowing machine is a very efficient exercise equipment. You can build a lot of muscles through different trainings. It is very comprehensive and easy to use. Now let’s talk about the rowing machine for abdominal muscles.

How should we use the rowing machine? Rowing machine can not only exercise abdominal muscles, most of the body muscles could be exercised. About 80 percent of the muscles in the body, including the legs, arms, back and core muscles, participate in rowing, so rowing is a comprehensive and efficient exercise.

2. How to exercise abdominals

How to get sexy abs?

sexy abs at beach

When it’s summer, it’s not the fat, middle-aged men who can get the limelight, but the handsome boy whose abs glow in the sun, he can catch everyone’s eye.

The firm abs, hips, legs of women and the abs of men will be the focus of all eyes. Exercise abdominal muscles let a person really get change.

What is the relationship between belly fat and abs?

A high body fat percentage (BFP) leads to belly fat. So low body fat percentage is the premise of showing abs. Because everyone’s genes are different, the abs look different too, and the most important thing to get abs is to lose body fat. Statistical studies show that men’s body fat ratio in 10-11% can see abdominal muscle; However, most men need to get their body fat down to 7-8% before they can see a six-pack. In addition, abdominal muscle training needs adequate nutrition. Abdominal muscles, like other muscles, need nutrients for balanced development.

Please rule out sit-ups

Sit-ups are hip flexion and extension moves. It provides very little stimulation to the abdomen and can cause problems such as strain of lumbar muscles. Next, the muscle group that sit-up needs is lumbar muscle, gluteal muscle, leg ministry, this shows sit-up is not the optimal exercise that exercises abdominal muscle.

What is the most efficient training for abs?

As mentioned earlier, low body fat ratio is a prerequisite for building abdominal muscles. A person with a body fat ratio of less than 15 percent can see their abdominal muscles. So what can you do to reduce your body fat? What you need is cardio and strength training.

Ryan Terry, the 2017 Arnold Classic champion, has the most refined abs. Take a look at his abdominal routine and start following it.

  • Crunch exercise with equipment

    You can use weights to do crunch. Do three sets of 10 to 15 reps each.

  • Hanging leg raise

    Try your best to do as many reps as you can, contract your abs, do not shake the upper body, do 3 to 4 sets.

  • Cable woodchop

    Choose the right weight. Too much weight can cause muscle compensation. Do three sets 12 to 15 reps.

  • Dumbbell exercises

    Use a lighter weight, which gives you better control over your body and allows the oblique muscles to work. Do three sets of 15 reps each.

  • Plank and Side plank superset

    Plank 1 minute, and side plank each side 1 minute. Do this superset 3 times in total. Adjust according to your personal situation, take a break of 1-2 minutes for each exercise.

3. Can rowing machine really exercise abs?

If you want to have sexy abs, first you need to get your body fat ratio down. Everyone has abdominal muscles, which are just covered by a thick layer of fat on his or her  stomach. Remove the fat and the abs will show absolutely. Generally speaking, when a man’s body fat ratio reaches below 15%, abdominal muscles will begin to appear vaguely. If the body fat ratio reaches 10%-12%, the V line abs will be obvious. If a woman has around 20 percent body fat ratio, then she can have the firm abs. When the body fat percentage is down to 17 percent or lower, women will have significant abs.

How to reduce body fat? You can do some aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, cycling and so on. Or you can choose the high-impact HIIT workout with a combination of strength training boosting muscle mass and build abs faster! The rowing machine is a great cardio machine, and you can work out your abs with the rowing machine, but it takes a lot of hard work indeed.

Teaching video

To make sure that you can use the rowing machine for abs correctly, we found a lot of teaching videos on YouTube. The tutorials in the video may have some differences from the ones in this article, please judge it according to your own situation.

4. Conclusion

sexy beautiful abs goog figure

Sexy abs are not the standard to judge whether a person is good or not, but it is closely related to his self-discipline and effort. The methods that exercises abdominal muscle and losing weight is a lot, but the people that give up on the road reducing weight is more, we were defeated oneself. So, hold out until the end, then you can say you are the winner.

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