Rowing Machine vs Stationary Bike

Rowing Machine vs Stationary Bike

Healthy outdoor exercise is a luxury for modern people. Regardless of whether we have enough time to participate in outdoor sports, just look out the window of the hot sun, and the crowded people, you will lose the desire to exercise. In this case, many people will choose indoor sports. As a result, home fitness equipment including treadmill, spinning bike, elliptical machine, and rowing machine are so popular nowadays.

So here comes the point! Which is better to choose to burn fat with common household equipment? Is it spinning bike? Or the rowing machine?

Now we’ll analyze the advantages and disadvantages of spinning bike and rowing machine, hoping to help you choose the right fitness equipment.

1. Stationary Bike

Stationary bike can simulate riding, for the training of explosive force and endurance is very effective. It is divided into upright bike and recumbent bike, both of them can adjust the intensity of exercise. Stationary bike belongs to the typical aerobic exercise equipment that simulates outdoor exercise. Users through a long, appropriate intensity of exercise to promote cardiovascular activity, speed up the metabolism, enhance cardiopulmonary function, so as to improve physical fitness.

Recumbent bike is similar to a sport bicycle or an ordinary bicycle, but slightly different in body structure. Upright bikes usually have seats set high, like regular bikes, with a handlebar right in front of you. Recumbent bike have seats set low or slightly higher than the pedals, so when you ride, your legs stretch out in front of you and your weight doesn’t press down on your knees, this can reduce knee injuries.

Using a recumbent bike burns the same amount of calories as using a stationary bike. The seating arrangement of the recumbent bike can also greatly reduce the strain on the back muscles and make you feel more comfortable during the exercise.

Recumbent bike is a safe, low impact exercise equipment, suitable for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. If you’ve ever tried an upright sport bike and found it uncomfortable to use, a recumbent bike can be a perfect alternative.

Merit of Stationary Bike

  1. The advantage of stationary bike is to save space, reduce abdominal fat efficiently, be helpful for exercising hips. We all know that many cyclists ride standing up, which is good for your abs and hips!
  2. Cardiopulmonary function has been greatly improved, it can also enhance explosive force and endurance. Exercise bikes are one of the best tools for overcoming heart defects. Cycling can not only compress the blood flow through the legs, protect the heart, but also strengthen the microvascular tissue, effectively prevent hypertension.
  3. Stationary bike is an excellent exercise for explosive power, similar to the HIIT workout now highly recommended by personal trainers. For office workers who don’t have much time to exercise, it’s really hard to find a better one.
stationary bike spinning bike exercise bike

Shortcoming of Stationary Bike

  1. Cycling is such an exciting exercise, of course is more interesting in the gym. Professional coach Shouting slogans, passionate BGM, let the whole exercise fun, compared to exercise at home…… Well, unless you really have the willpower to keep exercising alone…
  2.  In general, like treadmills, stationary bikes can hurt your knees. Therefore, it is very impractical to use bikes every day for intensive training. No matter what kind of the bike is, more than 4 times a week is unreasonable. But if it’s a recumbent exercise bike, you can increase the number of weekly exercises appropriately.

Stationary Bike suitable for whom?

The exercise bike is especially suitable for young white-collar workers between the ages of 20 and 35. Spinning uses up a lot of energy and sweat. It also strengthens your legs and acts as a leg slimmer.

2. Rowing Machine

Rowing machine is a kind of simulated rowing equipment, has a good effect on muscle training – legs, waist, upper limbs, chest, back. Rowing machine is a whole body exercise, you need to master posture, coordination, and the body muscles.

Merit of Rowing Machine

  1. It balances your body fat with your weight, allowing you to burn more fat.
  2. Rowing is good for arthritis or osteoporosis. Muscle movement in large range, can solve the problem of muscle and joint stiffness, increase muscle activity and joint activity.
  3. It’s the quadriceps that plays a major role in rowing. This is the largest group of muscles in the front of the thigh. These muscles are mainly responsible for the knee movement, but also the hip flexion movement, which gives your legs more strength.
  4. Rowing is good for cardiopulmonary function and postoperative recovery.

Shortcoming of Rowing Machine

Because rowing needs to mobilize numerous muscle groups in the body, the user needs to have some basis for the exercise. For many novices, this is difficult. The whole body exercise can bring the effect that shaping. But at the same time, its performance in cardio is not so good. You know what I mean? Simply put, if the goal of reducing fat is much greater than shaping, I would recommend that you skip the rowing machine…

rowing machine

Rowing Machine suitable for whom?

Because of the high requirement of endurance, control and coordination, the novice may have some difficulties without guidance, so the rowing machine is suitable for people with a certain foundation of fitness.


As you can see, there are many benefits to exercising with fitness machines. If you want to get fat loss faster, consider buying an upright bike. If you’re new to cycling, have exercise problems or back problems, but you also want to burn fat by cycling, it’s safer to work out on a recumbent bike than an upright bike, because they have larger seats and lower settings that make it easier to get on and off. On condition that you already have a fitness foundation, then you can consider buying a rowing machine. Rowing machine not only can exercise the muscles of the whole body, but also can greatly reduce the loss of knee, and the fat burning effect is no less than fitness car.

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